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Glycolic Acid Treatment in Laval

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Consult the specialist at Laser Clinic Dagenais in Laval to benefit from effective glycolic acid aesthetic treatment.

Specialist in Glycolic Acid Peels in Laval

Are you searching for an effective solution to rejuvenate your skin and diminish facial scars? Look no further than Laser Clinic Dagenais, conveniently located in Laval.

Our clinic offers personalized glycolic acid treatments designed to address your specific needs.

This innovative aesthetic treatment works wonders in eliminating dead skin cells, revealing a radiant and revitalized complexion. It is especially renowned for its ability to target brown spots and superficial scars, leaving your skin smoother and more even-toned.

Our skilled professionals will assess your unique concerns and create a customized treatment plan tailored to your requirements. 

Experience revitalized skin with glycolic acid

Glycolic Acid Treatment Laval
The services offered by Laser Clinic Dagenais
  • PRO-DERM dermaceutical treatments
  • Varicose vein laser treatment
  • Vascular laser treatment
  • Glycolic acid treatment
  • Facial treatment
The advantages of Laser Clinic Dagenais
  • More than 17 years of expertise
  • Professional-grade products
  • Cutting-edge equipment
  • Attentive and available staff
  • Personalized advice
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The Preferred Clinic for Glycolic Acid Treatments

At Laser Clinic Dagenais, we use glycolic acid as an aesthetic product due to its impressive effectiveness in removing impurities. This makes it a top choice for our clients.

Not only does glycolic acid exfoliate the skin, but it also acts as a natural collagen stimulant, making it an ideal choice for wrinkle treatment.

In addition, we offer vascular laser treatments that are highly effective for addressing couperose, ruby spots, and varicose veins.

Discover the advantages of glycolic acid treatments at Laser Clinic Dagenais in Laval

Glycolic Acid Treatment Clinic Laval

Feel free to book an appointment with the expert at Laser Clinic Dagenais.

Trust Laser Clinic Dagenais for top-notch, personalized aesthetic treatments.

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