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Specialist in aesthetic and skincare treatments

Innovative skincare techniques for healthy and rejuvenated skin.

Aesthetic Institute in Laval

For personalized aesthetic treatments, visit Laser Clinic Dagenais in Laval.

Aesthetic Institute, Providing Innovative Techniques

For generations, people have searched for ways to achieve perfect skin. Laser Clinic Dagenais offers a variety of cutting-edge solutions to eliminate imperfections like couperose and vascular lesions

Their specializations include varicose vein treatment and top-notch laser and glycolic acid-based aesthetic treatments

Whether you seek facial or body treatments, Laser Clinic Dagenais welcomes you warmly. Join us in your quest for perfect skin and discover the transformative results we can achieve together.

Laser Clinic Dagenais in Laval: The ideal center for laser and glycolic acid-based aesthetic treatments

PRO-DERM products in Laval

At Laser Clinic Dagenais, we are proud to offer

Qualified esthetician

A laser aesthetic treatment specialist will be taking care of you.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Treatments are performed using high-end and modern machines.


You can talk to an esthetician for guidance and advice.

Your Aesthetic Institute in Laval, Since 2005

Laser Clinic Dagenais has been offering skincare and aesthetic treatments for more than 17 years.

Jean-Claude, the center's specialist, uses his expertise to help you rejuvenate your skin and restore its radiance. 

The clinic uses Pro-Derm products and advanced equipment to ensure exceptional results.

At Laser Clinic Dagenais, we only use high-quality professional products and equipment

Varicose vein laser treatment Laval

Feel free to book an appointment with the expert at Laser Clinic Dagenais.

Trust Laser Clinic Dagenais for top-notch, personalized aesthetic treatments.

PRO-DERM products in Laval