Facial Treatments

Skin care, PRO-DERM

The Pro-Derm "Anti-Aging" System: to restore and preserve beautiful skin.

A range of high-quality dermaceutical products optimized with active ingredients for facial rejuvenation and the improvement of certain common skin problems.

The use of Pro-Derm products is also recommended as a complement to medical rejuvenation procedures such as injections for wrinkles, "peelings", laser treatments and cosmetic surgeries, etc. To prevent photo-aging, many doctors recommend Pro-Derm products. Our consultants will be able to tell you which product is best suited to your skin type and needs.


Wrinkle treatment

Botox, Juvederm, Soft Lift. Gone are the days when cosmetic procedures were reserved for rich and famous people.

Nowadays, women and men of all walks of life use these interventions to restore or preserve their true physiognomy.

Our medical consultants will advise you on the treatments that best suit you among the various products on the market to repair these aging marks.

Glycolic acid treatment

Glycolic acid is part of the family of alpha hydroxy acids, AHAs, commonly known as fruit acids, and having the ability to melt the bonds between dead cells. The upper layer of the epidermis being composed only of these dead cells, the application of this acid allows the thinning of this layer which is called the "peeling effect". This phenomenon restores the skin's radiance, causes blackheads to disappear and tightens the skin's pores, giving it an anti-ageing effect. Clinique Laser Dagenais offers applications varying between 20% and 60% glycolic acid, which completes your daily home treatment with the Proderm range of products and treatments.

Treatments according to your needs

We offer various facial treatments adapted to your skin and perform glycolic acid treatment to remove dead cells. This treatment restores radiance to the skin, while tightening pores. It is an excellent treatment for an anti-ageing effect. You can also use vascular laser treatment to treat other facial problems. In addition, botox treatment is also effective in eliminating wrinkles and making your face looks more relaxed and young.

Visit our clinic to benefit from our personalized care. Clinique Laser Dagenais is located in Laval and serves the North Shore of Montreal.

Find the right treatment for your skin type.


Specific aesthetic treatments

Who doesn't dream of having beautiful skin? In addition to the treatments offered, we recommend the use of PRO-DERM products.

Complete the treatments with the product best suited to your skin type and needs.

We advise you on the appropriate treatment to eliminate wrinkles.


The Botox

Botox is the treatment of choice for expression lines, to counter wrinkles that appear when muscles are contracted and also known as botulinum protein. This product, injected in very small quantities into the contracted muscles responsible for forehead wrinkles, glabella and crow's feet, allows the muscles to relax slowly. Wrinkles then gradually fade, often until they disappear completely.

Treatment should be repeated every four to six months, since the effect of the product is temporary. It is not dangerous and gives a more relaxed appearance to facial features.

Facial treatments

The filling process

For static wrinkles that are caused by a lack of collagen. They are most often found in the nasolabial folds, perioral folds, the glabella, under the eyes or the cheeks.

In addition, other areas of the face can benefit from a filling treatment, whether to restore the shape of the lips, increase the cheekbones, redraw the eyebrow line or fill in the chin's hollowness.

Several products are available for these corrections. Some are temporary, others last longer. The choice is made according to the patient's desire, the required correction, the location where the implant is injected and the expected result. The advantages and disadvantages of each technique will be discussed during the initial interview and the choice that meets your expectations will be determined free of cost.

Facial treatments

The PRO-DERM product range


The PRO-DERM product range

Antioxidant protectors

Antioxidant protectors

Free Mineral Powder SPF 50 - Light or Dark

Free powder with broad spectrum and 100% mineral UVA-UVB protection. Instant protective action.




Microdermabrasion Cream is presented as a foaming and melting cream. It eliminates dead cells, increases cell renewal, improves microcirculation and skin texture while promoting a more even complexion.

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